Quantus Gallery Secure Premises in London's Digital Capital

A Huge Step Towards Becoming A Significant Proponent Of The NFT Space

NFT Specialist Quantus Gallery arrives in London's Spitalfields at their new location on Fashion Street boasting their status as Europe's first NFT Advisory service. Their intentions are clear; signing a long-term lease and opening a digital gallery in the second quarter of 2022, they are starting their empire from the capital.


"Right now, it is such an exciting time for not only everybody involved in the NFT market but even more so here at Quantus Gallery. We have just moved into a superb space on Fashion Street, which is a real statement of intent from us. We are here for the future and are anticipating exponential growth inside and outside our new space."

Ryan Marsh, Co-founder Quantus Gallery


Quantus Gallery's low-key status has been eclipsed in recent weeks and months, by high-profile appearances on GB News and 'On The Money' detailing their growth, as well as partner Josh Sandhu's feature in The Daily Telegraph.


Mr Sandhu's article has attracted particular interest as it highlighted how he made 75x his initial investment through trading NFTs, which showed the strength of knowledge behind Quantus Gallery, and evidenced proof that the company knows exactly what they're doing.


"By having our headquarters situated in the heart of London we can now attract the best possible talent, from NFT advisors who help our collectors and investors learn and expand their portfolios, through to our in-house NFT team who are constantly scanning the web looking for the best possible opportunities within the arena. Overall we are buzzing with excitement for what's to come and can't wait to cement ourselves within this thriving market". -  Josh Sandhu, Co-founder Quantus Gallery


If national TV stations and newspapers are paying attention to Quantus, then they are clearly heading in the right direction, and where the company set themselves apart from pretenders is their full advisory service, which many 'pop up' NFT specialists don't see the importance of. The advisory service is highlighted by Quantus' Scam Awareness subscription, which will email subscribers about pitfalls and 'pump and dumps' which in the relatively young NFT space are easily fallen into by newcomers.

December 20, 2021