Frances Segelman grew up surrounded by the arts, thanks to her artist, dress-designer mother, and violinist father. Her mother taught her how to draw faces and figures, and Segelman would spend family holidays sculpting in the sand. Now, she is an established member of The Royal Society of British Sculptors, a Liveryman of Painters and Stainers Livery Company and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. Her repertoire includes an impressive array of sculpted figures, from politicians and film stars to members of the Royal Family. 

The most notable figure Segelman has sculpted, is, without a doubt, The Queen. In fact, Selegman has been granted four casts by Her Majesty, the first of which in 2007. When describing her experience, Segeleman said: "She's just an amazing lady. I literally almost cried when I was leaving because I felt that I'd learned so much just being in her presence. She's a very special person. She came in the room, and she was so calm and so poised and so willing to change her tiara, to change the jewellery, to try different things on and she seems so ordinary”.