Sheffield-based artist Bubba 2000 has been exhibiting his spray-painted celebrity portraits of Amy Winehouse, Johnny Rotten and Jarvis Cocker on the unsuspecting walls of Sheffield since 1995. His career started after he may or may not (he can’t possibly say) have cut his teeth working with Banksy.

Swapping concrete for canvas, Bubba held his for his first solo London show – Persons Of Interest – in pre-Covid 2020. In April 2020, he was the first street artist to pay tribute to the NHS when stencils of a boy clasping his hands under an NHS heart appeared near Sheffield’s Royal Hallamshire Hospital. The same image soon sprung up as a 30-foot mural on the wall of a house in Sheffield, and a 40-foot Jarvis Cocker on the wall of a Sheffield cafe. Cocker himself is a fan, with a limited edition print run of Bubba’s infamous Jarvis portrait signed by the Pulp singer in aid of Sheffield Children’s Hospital selling out immediately. 


With his Persons Of Interest Show returning to lockdown-lifted Sheffield last November, Bubba has now taken the move into NFT by creating a unique set of highly-collectable but highly-flammable original Fire Sale! physical artworks, along with their corresponding (non-flammable) Fire Sale!NFTs.


Except there’s a catch. Buy the print and the NFT will be deleted forever. But buy the NFT and you will also be sent, as a bonus NFT, a unique video of Bubba personally burning the physical artwork. In the world of street art Bubba is very much on fire – as his artwork will be if you sensibly buy into the exciting world of NFT.