Moulded by his Irish parentage, Finn's career has been driven by his zest for life, resulting in an unstoppable, spontaneous, creative drive.

An indisputable master of mediums, Finn's work rejects the banal and instead, re-imagines all aspects of life to mirror his surreal imagination. After studying Ceramics for his Degree, Finn started his career in 1999 with the "Ball Chair" which quickly went on to become an iconic, design classic.


Constantly experimenting and exploring different mediums has lead to what Finn describes as a ''Battle between control and excess", balancing spontaneous creation with creative control. His studio is a physical map of his creative mind containing many of the weird and wonderful creations from his 22 years in the Art world.

Many of his works have an underlying element of sculpture. His use of difficult or found objects lead to a series of popular Art historical paintings, reinterpreted with paintbrushes as the canvas. The diversity of Finn's work means he cannot be categorised. "I make and paint what I can be an Artist and be free".