Born in Jersey, Glen has been fascinated with art from a young age and began experimenting when he was just eight years old.  His style has developed over the years as he transitioned between different mediums, materials and colours. 

At 16 Glen settled on ‘freestyle’ or as he puts it “straight from the brain to whatever I have within my reach,” a strategy that has served him well.  He puts his artistic development down to his love of travel and the great outdoors.  Glen embraces the challenge and pressure he puts upon himself to create artworks to exhibit. 


His paintings have recently been exhibited in Paris, Serbia, Tokyo, Osaka, Jersey and London.  Being an integral part of ‘The Show Case’ by Adidas was another career high as his two worlds collided.  Glen is a professional skateboarder and this urban influence is often referenced in his work.  An article on him in Thrasher Magazine followed by his involvement in ‘Save the South Bank’ scheme and a subsequent sell-out solo show in London has demonstrated his national popularity and reach. 

Nomadic, free-spirited yet urban, his ideas and thoughts flow out onto his chosen canvas.  Clearly influenced by Artists such as Picasso and David Hockney and movements such as cubism and modern art Glen manages to portray deep messages in a simple and never over-thought form.