Arguably the U.K's best up-and-coming urban artist, his work is dotted throughout London and various other European cities. Having recently been in an exhibition in the Saatchi Gallery in London, art galleries worldwide have started to snap up his pieces garnering him a mass following. He subsequently had his work displayed in the Wien Museum of Vienna and the Street art Gallery of Paris along with many others, followed by a sell-out solo show in Geneva.

From celebrities in LA wanting commissions to art fanatics in Dubai demanding any old work they can, his art is in huge demand.  This is why Bluntroller loves private exhibitions as it gives him the opportunity to travel, meet new collectors and often see where his work is going to be 'homed'. In 2021  his work was exhibited in Portugal, London, Jersey, Switzerland and Dubai.


Often placed alongside works by Banksy, Pure Evil and other leading artists in the urban art scene - which is fast becoming the genre in which those 'in the know' are investing.  


Decades of Divine Beauty is his new collection of hand-sprayed paintings depicting timelessly beautiful women and aims to inspire and empower with their ever-lasting beauty. The background of the paintings reflect the individual's back story as Bluntroller believes that it's their struggles and personality that truly makes them shine. As with any strong woman, what lies beneath the surface gives them depth and personality and an ever-lasting feminine beauty.  


The technique used to create these is incredibly difficult and leaves his peers baffled. The complex process starts by mentally mapping out the different shades and tones. Each one is then made into a layer which he tirelessly hand cuts into a stencil. After weeks of cutting Bluntroller can then start spray painting. He has developed his technique and created methods to achieve gradients in shading in which the smooth photo like finish is gained. There is no other spray artist that can create such realistic effects.


This collection is unique as it is painted on museum quality glass which is a very expensive and challenging material to work with. Creating a non reflective finish but allowing layers to be built up creates depth and another dimension which plays with the light. Giving a layer of transparency, this innovative approach allows for back lighting but more importantly it gives a unique visual effect which is easily incorporated into beautifully designed interiors. 


Glass work is a well established art form and medium. Using spray paint concentrates the density of the pigments creating an ultra matt finish. Mixed medium is then used in the form of paper collage which mirrors qualities found in merano glass. Coloured glass plays with light and evokes a sense of tradition which juxtaposes cleverly this ultra-modern medium.


Included in this collection are; Bridgitte Bardot, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Rihanna, Beyonce, Angelina Jolie and Dita Von Teese.  Each subject was painted up to a maximum of 7 times and each one is on a different background.  Backgrounds include mosaic, clear glass, money, collage and acid washed glass, card and canvas often decorated with tags and graffiti making each work original and unique.