Pierre Benjamin started his career as a street artist in his home city of Montpellier. As the grandson of Artist Gérard Calvet and having studied in Paris, Pierre was exposed to many different mediums, giving him a well rounded traditional approach to his visual effects work.

"I was influenced by my grandfather who lead a very successful career as a painter. I also grew up without much "entertainment", by that I mean we didn’t have a TV. It turns out that this was the best thing that happened to me as it meant there was nothing to distract me. I always had plenty of time to doodle and look at artists’ work to analyse them in museums and books."


Pierre began his journey in his home city of Montpellier, France. Born in 1979, from an early age, Pierre was exposed to paintings and sculptures from his Grand Father, Gerald Calvert. "I started to seriously draw at the age of 10, I also I first came in contact with the hip hop and graffiti culture from NYC taking off in the early ’90s, primarily starting in Paris and then spreading across Europe."


After sculpting under the guidance of Serge Destarac in Paris, Pierre went on to do a BA in the History of Art in Paris before moving to the United Kingdom where he took up another passion. Pierre entered the electronic music scene until 2010 before continuing his art career and moving away from the traditional, this time to the digital realm.


“Character art has always been something that I enjoy doing, from a very early age. I always loved comedy and to me, characters are at the base of the whole storytelling. I have been doing 3D characters for 10 years now and I still see lots of faces I want to have fun recreating and experiment with. Look around you every day – there is infinite variety.”


As Pierre steps into the world of NFTs, his first project is dedicated to popular culture, pastiche and caricature. This is where The Crypto Stars were born. Featuring 333 unique Crypto Stars, this marks the first collaboration between Quantus Gallery and artist Pierre Benjamin. More details and NFT roadmap will follow the project in due course.


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